Young Horses

It is vital to make the right choices when deciding upon your young horse’s education. From the very outset he is learning as much about us humans as we are of him. So we need to ensure that his training is fun and that he wants to engage with us. Choosing a force free education means that his early experiences with people and learning are positive ones.

Using reward based training he will look forward to learning new things. The result is a confident, calm and happy horse with a positive outlook on life.

Why positive reinforcement?

It has been proven that animals trained with positive reinforcement learn quicker that those trained with other methods. That is because there is no fear element, no worry of getting things wrong and no constant avoidance of pressure. Positive reinforcement also engages different parts of the brain, meaning that horses can learn more complex tasks than by training with pressure alone. Another benefit is that when an animal realises that it is earning rewards (as opposed to simply being handed food), relaxing chemicals are produced in the body resulting in a calmer horse. It is also the most ethical way of training any animal.

I can help you with any aspect of training for your young horse, such as…

  • Gaining trust and basic handling of foals
  • All groundwork
  • Preparing for travelling and getting out and about
  • Preparing for riding including teaching voice cues
  • Riding away bitless

I will work with you to develop an achievable training plan which can be adapted as you go along, to suit your horse’s learning style and whilst you will need to put in the hours, I guarantee you will have as much fun as your horse!

I am always delighted to work with handling foals and training them in a kind and stress free way – helping them form long lasting positive associations with humans.

For information on ethical weaning of foals, please visit this link: Equine Behaviour and Training Association, improving equine welfare through management and training.

Young horse at the yard.
Young horse playing with blue ball.
Training a young horse.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”.

Benjamin Franklin