Problem Solving

It’s tough being a domesticated horse! Having only been domesticated for approximately 6000 years, their brains have not yet had time to evolve in order to cope with living alongside us humans. So any horse can encounter a problem at some point in their lifetime.

We must approach all problems with compassion and understanding in order to find the best solution.

Some of the most common problems seen are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Catching and leading problems
  • Head shyness
  • Foot handling and farriery problems
  • Stable vices such as crib biting, weaving, wind sucking and box walking
  • Stable aggression
  • Loading and travelling problems
  • Ridden problems such as bucking, bolting, napping and rearing

I like to approach all problems holistically, I look at all aspects of the horses lifestyle and management in order to thoroughly investigate the route cause of the problem.

I can then work with the owner to prepare a behaviour modification plan that is achievable in each given situation.

The modification plan will possibly involve some changes to the horses management as well as force free training techniques. This gives the horse the best chance of overcoming their problem/problems for good.

Please fill out the Questionnaire on problem solving when enquiring as it gives me an idea of what help you might need.

I always welcome videos by email too. Videos are so useful for seeing the subtle signals that horses give us that we can so often miss at the time.

Horse training in Hampshire & Romsey.
Problem Solving