About Me

Horses have been a huge part of my life since helping out at the local riding school as a child. I just loved being with the horses, getting to know their personalities and caring for them. This became my motivation to get to the yard at weekends, more so than the riding.

Fast forward 30 years and here I am today, having worked with all sorts of horses from dressage horses to stunt horses and everything in between. I also spent 12 years as a Veterinary Nurse, before embarking upon my biggest challenge of all – rearing children!

Over the years I have tried most training methods with my own horses and others, but when it came to starting my own youngster’s education, nothing felt quite right until I started to look into the science of learning theory and positive reinforcement.

I have always been interested in equine behaviour and this is the path that I have pursued in recent years. I am now able to combine this knowledge with learning theory to help people and their horses who might be struggling with certain issues or that simply want to develop a relationship with their horse so that they can maximise their potential or simply have more fun together.

Amy Cunnington

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